AT-4M series spiral bevel gearbox

AT-4M series spiral bevel gearbox

Abstract of AT-4M Right Angle Spiral Bevel Gearbox

● Low noise

● Compact Structure

● Easy Installation

● Output Nominated Torque T2N : 12 Nm – 3,200 Nm

● Speed Ratio: 1-stage for 1

● Low backlash: ≤6arcmin

● High Efficiency: 1-stage ≧ 98%

Indication of Model Numbers of AT Steering Gearbox

Description of AT-4M High Precision Spiral Bevel Gearbox

The FHT AT-4M series steering gearbox is a 1:1 ratio servo gearbox with a design of spiral bevel gears inside. It features of four drive shafts joined by three spiral bevel gears. The special design of AT-4M spiral bevel gearbox is suitable for operations of continuous operation mode (S1) and cycle operation mode (S5) . AT-4M right angle gearboxes are widely used in line shaft applications and especially for servo applications.

TQG provides nine models for your choice: AT065 4M, AT075 4M, AT090 4M, AT110 4M, AT140 4M, AT170 4M, AT210 4M, AT240 4M, AT280 4M.

Catalogue of AT-4M Steering Gearbox

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