DF flange type cam indexer

DF flange type cam indexer

Overview of DF Flange Type Cam Indexer

High performance
Large transfer torque
High precision
Smooth operation
Self locking in positioning
Compact structure
Small size & low noise
Long life & maintenance free

Descriptions of DF Flange Type Cam Indexer

DF Flange Type Cam Indexer features with heavy load characteristics, which can bear large vertical radial or axial force. Its output shaft is designed with face disc, with flange center, disc hole, location tip hole and large fixed face width, which can maintain the flatness and stability. The DF series cam indexer is most suitable for heavy load rotary disc driving, and it is widely used in all kinds of disc machining machines, automatic intermittent drive and drive disc.

The output shaft of the DF series is flange output, it is especially suitable for heavy load rotary positioning, and various disc erecting machines. Its output shaft can be directly driven, or can be connected with the coupling, turntable, flange sleeve and so on. Its cam adopts carburizing and grinding technology, with the advantages of high speed wear resistance, long service life and high precision, and it has a good reputation in the industry.

The DF flange splitter is widely used, the use of disc type and pipelined application are available. Because of the small space, high precision efficiency, the output shaft end can be installed directly, the installation and the whole design are compact, and the effect on the repetition positioning precision is less in the actual running course. For larger selection of driving angle, it can increase its stability.

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Specification Table of DF Flange Type Cam Indexer

Catalogue of DF Flange Type Cam Indexer

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