AT-FL double output shaft flange input 90 degree gearbox

AT-FL double output shaft flange input 90 degree gearbox

Overview of AT-FL Right Angle Gearbox

Single stage with ratio i=1~500
Double output shaft type of steering gearbox
Input flange configuration
Nine models for selection AT-065FL, AT075FL, AT090FL, AT110FL, AT140FL, AT170FL, AT210FL, AT240FL, AT280FL.
Precision: Backlash of speed ratio 1~5 is within 6 arcmin; Backlash of speed ratio 7~50 is within 8 arcmin; Backlash of speed ratio 75~500 is within 10 arcmin.
Max. Torque: 1700~7500Nm for speed ratio 1~5 (1-stage); 3600~8000Nm for speed ratio 7~50 (2-stage); 6000~8000 for speed ratio 75~500 (3-stage)

Indication of Model Numbers of AT Steering Gearbox

Description of AT-FL High Precision Spiral Bevel Gearbox

The FHT AT-FL series planetary gearbox is a kind of servo gearbox specially for servo applications. It features of a right angle outline with spiral bevel gears transmission mechanism. And AT-FL speed reducer is designed with double shafts output and flange input configuration. They are also widely used in transmission solutions application.

Features of AT-FL Double Output Shaft Servo Gearbox

● High torque and low backlash design of the compact structure is suitable for the
application of precision servo.
● Integrated stainless steel body ensures maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance. Multiple precision machined surface for easy assembly.
● Multiple stainless steel output and input shaft design can be applied to various of industrial applications needs.
● The combination of high-precision grinded worm bevel gear set and the optimized the design of planetary gear set can make the reduction speed up to 500:1.
● Patented oil seal design, maintenance-free without replacing the lubrication oil
, long operating life.
● The adoption of the top spiral worm gear design software and the optimized design of contact tooth surface make the even load and allow high torque output.
● Gears are made of high strength carburizing alloy steel and the grinding precision is up to the standard of DIN 5 level .

Application of AT-FL Speed Reducer

The FHT AT-FL right angle spiral bevel gearboxes are widely used in semiconductor liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, robots, machine tools, and other frontiers that require precision motion control.

Catalogue of AT-FL Steering Gearbox

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