GV vertical gear motor

GV Vertical Gear Motor

Overview of GV Vertical Gear Motor

Superior performance
High efficiency (up to 96%)
Low energy consumption
Low vibration and Low noise
Large load capacity

Descriptions of GV Vertical Gear Motor

The FHT GV vertical gear motor is also called GV vertical type palte 3-phase(brake) motor. Compared with the GV horizontal gear motor, it doesn’t have a base to support the gear motor. The shell is made of high-strength aluminum & iron materials. The gears are processed by precision hobbing and after high-frequency heat treatment, the thickness of the gears is relatively thick and the bearing capacity is good. What’s more, it adopts fully enclosed mechatronic design, hardened surface helical transmission with low noise and high efficiency. Besides, the electromagnetic brakes of the GV vertical gear motor can be added.

Features of GV Vertical Gear Motor

The gear motor of GV is made ofhigh-quality steel forging with advanced design concepts.
GV vertical gear motoris small in size, light in weightwhich is suitable for a variety of large and small equipments.
The coaxial helical gear motor has a compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance, and strong ability to withstand overload.
The transmission ratio is finely graded and the selection range is wide.
Adopting a new type of sealing device, with good protection performance and strong adaptability to the environment, the TQG GV vertical gear motorcan work continuously in corrosive, humid and other harsh environments.
The GV vertical gear motorcan be equipped with any type of motor to meet different purposes.

Technical parameters

Operating temperature: -10℃~+40℃
Maximum temperature:≤80 °C
Lubrication: Synthetic grease
Insulation class: F-class insulation
Junction box: Waterproof aluminum junction box


The GV vertical gear motor is widely used in light industrial machinery, electronics, medical equipment, food, printing, packaging, textiles, conveying equipment, shoe machines are widely used in complete sets of transmission equipment, automated assembly line, printing and packaging machinery, textile printing and dyeing machinery, medical pharmaceutical machinery, woodworking machinery, rubber plastic machinery.

Indication of Model Numbers of GV Vertical Gear Motor

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