GVM vertical input flange gear reducer

GVM vertical input flange gear reducer

Overview of GVM Vertical Input Flange Gear Reducer

Fuselage: Aluminum shell/ Iron shell
Gear type: Helical gear
Layout form: Coaxial
Mounting installation: Vertical (flange mounting)
Environment: Dry and well-ventilated environment.
Unique moisture-proof, waterproof and dust-proof design

Descriptions of GVM Vertical Input Flange Gear Reducer

The FHT GVM vertical input flange gear reducer (called the GVM vertical type flange type reducer without motor) is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the needs of the mechanical equipment and it is usually made by the professional reducer manufacturer after being assembled and delivered as a complete set. The chassis of the gear reducer is featured with the high-steel material and the gears adopts the high-quality steel which ensure the long service life and superior performance. The GVM series gear reducer have reached the international advanced level which can replace similar imported products.

Features of GVM Vertical Input Flange Gear Reducer

Long service life

Being made of molybdenum-containing high-alloy steel and subjected to special heat treatment. The appearance paint is baked at high temperature after high-temperature atomizing and painting, and the paint is corrosion-resistant.

Easy to install

Adopting internal thread installation standard and inserts stainless steel screw inserts at the same time. It is easy to install and the thread is not easy to damage. The output shaft bearing is embedded to the cancel deceleration boss.

High quality and durable

Electromagnetic system optimized by computer with high motor operation efficiency and low temperature-rising.
Adoptingimported gears with high precision, high hardness, strong wear resistance and low noise.
Using 180-degree high temperature enameled wire to make the motor more efficient and safer.
Adoptinglow loss silicon steel sheet with high precision.


The FHT GVM vertical input flange gear reducer is widely used in die-casting machinery, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, hardware machine tools, carton packaging and printing, food machinery, transportation machinery packaging pharmaceutical machinery, warehousing and logistics equipment, weighing equipment, transmission equipment, chemical machinery, environmental protection machinery, bridging equipment, building ceramics, mining machinery, three-dimensional parking, woodworking machinery, winemaking machinery, beer machinery, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, steel, construction, lifting, ports, mining, petroleum, electrical machinery and equipment, etc.

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Catalogue of GVM Vertical Input Flange Gear Reducer

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