AT-LM (RM) double output shaft opposite direction steering gearbox

AT-LM (RM) double output shaft opposite direction steering gearbox

Overview of AT-LM / RM Double-output Shaft Steering Gearbox

Surface-hardened bevel gears with high precision
High transmission accuracydue to low backlash
Energy-saving thanks to high efficiency of 98%
Lightin weight for aluminium housing
Free of maintenance due to synthetic grease
Double-output Shaft in opposite direction
Three spiral bevel gears transmission

Indication of Model Numbers of AT Steering Gearbox

Description of AT-LM / RM Right Angle Gearbox

The FHT AT-LM/RM series steering gearbox is a right angle spiral bevel gearbox with torques up to 8,000 Nm. There are three shafts inside the gearbox that joined by three spiral bevel gears which has proven their high precision with very low backlash in the servo application and power transmission shafting applications. AT-LM/RM speed reducer is designed with single input shaft and double output shafts in a opposite rotating direction. This series reducer features with low transmission error, quiet operation, shock resistant, space saving, overload capability, etc.

Although AT-LM/RM steering gearbox is with miniature gears, TQG sets a new standards in dimensions, accuracy, weight, efficiency. The unique design of AT right angle gearbox provides a broad range of drive technology applications.

Catalogue of AT-LM/ AT-RM Steering Gearbox

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