medium pressure vortex blower

medium pressure vortex blower

Overview of Medium Pressure Vortex Blower

The operating environment with non causticity air, non inflammable and explosive air
The temperature of air ≤80°C
The housing material of Aluminum alloy
Varied wind direction
Special blade design with special sound-absorbing material

Descriptions of Medium Pressure Vortex Blower

The FHT medium pressure vortex blower consists of air outlet, aluminum impeller, aluminum housing and motor. It adopts centrifugal structure which uses aluminum alloy and cold-rolling steel materials for the housing and the impeller with the advantages of light weight, low noise and excellent corrosion resistance. The motor adopts the fully closed fan-shaped motor with special axis design which ensure the long service life of the motor. what’s more, the medium pressure vortex blower features high air flow control stability due to the using of volume control damper.
Details of Medium Pressure Vortex Blower

The shell of FHT meidum pressure vortex blower is made of high-quality alloy materialand the surface paint of the reducer is sprayed at high temperature after high pressure atomization which greatly improves the rigity and anti-corrrosion.
The coil is made of 100% pure copper wire coil with high insulation grade and high temperature resistance.
The thicker design of bracket of the medium pressure vortex blower could reduce vibration and reduce noise effectively and make the fan runs more smoothly.


The medium pressure vortex blowers of FHT are widely used in electronic equipment, UV equipment, drying equipment, printing machinery equipment, plastic machinery equipment, packaging machinery, purification equipment, baking machines and other types of machinery, paper cutter, combustion & deaerator, cigarette filter molding machine, electroplating bath mixer, atomizing dryer, filament printing machine, photographic plate making machine, liquid filling machine and so on.

Specification Table of Medium Pressure Vortex Blower

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Catalogue of Medium Pressure Vortex Blower

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