SJB series ball screw lift

SJB series ball screw lift

Overview of SJB Series Ball Screw Lift

Compact structure
Operation smoothly
Easy to install
Small in size and light in weight
High precision and high efficiency
High reliability and long service life

Description of SJB Series Ball Screw Lift

FHT SJB series ball screw jacks adopts advanced square-type structure and compact gear casing. The SJB series equipped with ball screw, which is comprised by the screw, nut and ball. The operation principle of ball screw is to transform rotational motion into linear motion or transform line motion into rotational motion.

Thanks to its small frictional resistance, Taiqi ball screw jacks have been applied in various precision instruments and industrial equipment. The main function of ball screw jack is to transform rotary motion to linear motion or to convert torque to axial repetitive force with features of high precision, reversibility and high efficiency.

The screw lifts are widely used in transmission units and digital control execution of machinery, steel ladle lifting, turning over and movement transmission units, lifting units and automatic or remote control opening/closing of large windows and doors, sluice gate opening in water conservation applications, large and flexible clamping, transposition tooling, welding robots, remote radar and solar energy sensing, medical equipment lifting, lifting units on lift stages and in the automobile industry, etc.

Specification Table of SJB Series Ball Screw Lift