worm gear right angle gear motor

worm gear right angle gear motor

Overview of Worm Gear Right Angle Gear Motor

Compact structure, light weight and small size.
Good heat exchange performance and the heat dissipation is fast.
Easy maintenance and repair.
Stable transmission, quiet operation.
Strong applicability, safety and reliability.
Flexibility in mounting.
Excellent quality and reasonable price.
Promise to delivery on time.
It has a high overload capacity.
Every product must be tested before sending.
It supplies quiet and nice operation environment with lower noise running.

Description of the Worm Gear Right Angle Gear Motor

The FHT Worm gear right angle gear motor consists of motor and high reliable gear box, which has following features :compact structure, low noise, high torque and small volume.

AC worm gear motor shows a 90 degree right angle between the shaft and the motor body and designed with self-locking function.

The four corners of the box adopts the double upright column with high rigid structure, not easily deform even under high load conditions. It has a wide application and high reliability.

Worm gear right angle gear motor mainly applied in electric actuators, elevating devices, electric valve, and electric windows and doors. With the advantages of easy installation and precisely-designed structure, worm gear motor is now witnessing more and more popularity in industry.

Motor Maintenance

When installing the gear motor, please don’t let the output components or the motor body to be under pressure; ensuring that the shaft is kept coaxial and vertical with the motor.
Remember to change the lubrication oil after the gear motor has worked over 400 hours accumulatively.
Keep the lubrication oil enough in the gear box, and check it regularly.
Keep the gear box tidy and clean to facilitate cooling.


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